Graco double jogging stroller Review

Double strollers are the ones with two sitting capabilities for twins or two children. The manufacturers made them reasonably easy to handle with nearly a hundred pounds of weight capabilities. 

There are many Graco strollers with double seating, but the best one amongst them is the ones that can be used for jogging too. In this case, Graco Fastaction Fold Duo side by side stroller is the best choice from Graco.

Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Stroller


jogging stroller

This product is the perfect Graco double jogging stroller because it will help you in handling both of your children without any problem. You can travel anywhere without having to worry about the door sides. There is more to this stroller than proper space management, you can fold the stroller and travel with it anywhere you want to without any hurdle.

This stroller from Graco is the perfect jogging stroller with duel management because of its durable and sturdy wheels that make it way more comfortable for you to run with your children or even walk with them.

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There is even more proper space management, which enables you to carry the important stuff with you without having to worry about them in your pockets. The space management makes this stroller the best one to do jogging with.

This was all the outside of the stroller or merely the cream on the cake. The real features or this Graco double jogging stroller are:

Smooth ride

This is by far the unique aspect of this stroller because you can carry your children in this stroller in the right angle. This astonishing arrangement will allow you to take care of your children and watch over them with a single glace from a side. 

Don’t worry about this because Graco thought about it while making Graco double jogging stroller. You get comfortable seat belts and universal sitting arrangements, which allows children from birth to even 50 pounds of weight to sit comfortably inside the stroller.


It would be unjust to mention this product and not mentioning the comfortable seats they provided you with. Graco double jogging stroller comes with a very adjustable and comfortable ride because of its ability to fit according to the children ranging from birth to 50 pounds of weight.

If your children want to sleep, then there is a naptime recline given, which flattens the seat in order for the children to sleep comfortably.

This applies to both seats, but even if one child of yours is sleeping while other is awake then, you can adjust the seat with a child sleeping on it, isn’t that amazing?

The other great thing about this stroller is that there is a weather shield on each side, meaning both children are separately safe from harsh weather conditions.

If one child of yours has a mood for the sun while other doesn’t want that sun in the way, then you can adjust accordingly.

To bring more adjustability and comfort to you and your children, they provided you with a peek a boo canopy. This canopy has a small window from which your children can see the outside while being completely safe from rain or even the sun rays. 

For you, especially, there is a bonus. Graco double jogging stroller comes with a small backside window. This backside window will allow you to look at the beautiful children without disturbing them or even you having to stop. They are simply at a glance away. 


Generally, when you look at the internet for strollers, you don’t get great folding and portability features in double strollers but not here because Graco double jogging stroller comes with a compact structure. You can easily pass through doors or even the crowd with having to worry about you breaking onto them.

By portability, I don’t mean that this stroller is all way very lightweight. However, still, it is one of the most under controlled weight strollers in the market, but look at the bright side -this stroller has a duel 50 pounds of weight capacity, and the engineering was done in a way that you can easily move this masterpiece around.

Coming towards the portability feature, another great thing about this stroller is that it has a superior folding technology that unfolds the stroller with the push of a single button or click. This means that you can single-handed unfold the stroller.

On the folding side, there is also nothing to worry about because there is a strap underneath that is present on each seat. This strap will allow you to fold the stroller without any real requirement of power, but it is essential to know to while folding the stroller will move a bit forward.

Storage space

Well, here is what moms need. Graco fastaction duo stroller has a great storage capacity that will allow you to use this stroller daily without any problem. There are a cup holder area and a separate tray area for the storing of phones, bottles, and even more extra stuff.

This was all for the parents when coming towards the accessories of children; this can hold cups of children, which are just aside the child seat, and a separate child bottle space is there too. 

There is more to this stroller than this; you can even remove the parent’s storage area to accommodate more space. Coming towards the central space area, which is underneath the children’s seat. This is a larger basket that can hold larger items for children or even your own.

Jogging capabilities

Graco double jogging stroller is made to hold two children side by side while you can take them to a morning run. These capabilities are provided due to:


Wheels are the most important equipment in the stroller when it comes to jogging or running. In the case of Graco double stroller, there are smooth and good quality wheels that are made to run of smoother surfaces but won’t go well for off the road. Altogether this is a jogging stroller what do you expect?


The design factor is also essential in the stroller, which is meant for jogging. In case of a double stroller, they are must look at it because they become unbalanced when you take them out for a test run. In the case of Graco double Jogging stroller, there is nothing to worry about. Because both children are in their respective seats inside the seatbelts and the wheels are assigned in a way that you can comfortably move this masterpiece around.

Weight handling:

At the least, it is essential to talk about the age or weight that this stroller can accommodate. Graco fastaction duo can take about 100pounds of weight, but that is on both sides. On a single side, it can take up to 50 pounds of weight. But what about the smaller children?

Graco can take the least weight of a birth child, which is also called an infant. For them, there is a seat connector separately. This makes the Graco fastaction duo stroller the best double jogging stroller in the market.