City mini vs city mini gt – Choose Wisely

It is always hard to choose the stroller that fits according to your choice and your budget, but once that is done, there is still some other product that has an upgradation to the previous one that you choose from.

The case of City mini is not different Afterall because, it is referred to as one of the best strollers in the market, but when you have your mindset on that, you also start to notice something strange, which is its upgradation to GT.

As the name suggests, City mini vs city mini gt, the main difference is GT, which is short for something that has more speed of made for rough use.

City mini vs city mini gt – Detailed Comparision

city mini vs gt

In Short:

Well, if that is what you are thinking about, then you are on the right path because the main difference in terms of both of these strollers that the City mini is not made for the rough surfaces or called as rough terrain. In contrast, the other one called a city mini GT is made to cover the uneven terrains.

That was the shorter version of both these products. When you try to go deep into the difference, you notice that the City mini was made for even terrains only while the GT version is made to challenge all the terrains because it is an excellent upgradation to the city mini.

There is another on the top different, which is its usage. If you have a giant baby, then you can go with the GT version; in fact, you have to forcibly go with the GT version because it is meant for larger children.

The city mini, on the other hand, is intended for smaller children or even so, the children with less weight.

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When it comes to similarities, it is essential to mention that both of these strollers are highly reviewed strollers and loved by the public. They are both made of suitable quality materials and can save some extra cash on your wallet. They are the best value for money. 

They both have a compatibility factor, meaning they can easily be folded and unfolded with only a single hand. This means that you won’t have to use both your hand to use the stroller in any way. This makes it a heck lot more comfortable to use.

These are only the similarities, but still, it is essential to mention that the city mini is, in fact, a bit unsmooth when it comes to folding and unfolding, in case of the GT version it is surprisingly lot easier. So, in the content of City mini vs city mini gt, here the GT gets the win.

Both of these products have another thing in common, which is their canopies, both of these products have the same canopies which are made to cover the whole face and leave a small spot being for the child to see through. These types of canopies are also referred to as the peek a boo canopy, or even the peek window canopies.

For your information, these types of canopies or strollers are a great help to the parents because they can also keep an eye on their child while having safety from the environment, whether the sun is brighter that day or even there is rain. But in the end, it all falls on the choice.

In the City mini vs city mini gt, it is also important to mention that both of these products are specifically not made to run or go jogging in. The name might be a little furious type, but it doesn’t have to do anything with the strollers because what I am about to say is said by the manufacturers.

“These products are not intended for jogging or running activities; if you want to consider jogging, then you can look at other products.”

At the least, I am about to mention that both of these strollers have the same car seat adapters—time to look at their dissimilarities.


This is where the actual city mini vs city mini gt takes place. We talked about the tires on the outside, but the main login behind them having a different type of tire is changed. While choosing from both of these, you must know that the tires in the city mini are made of rubber while in the case of city mini GT, they are made of air-filled materials.

This here lies the main difference, but there is more to it. The air-filled tires are made to be used in all-terrain because, well, you know, they are air-filled. But there is a problem with them, which is their flat tire. If the air comes out of the tire, the stroller cannot move for that; they included an extra.

In terms of city mini, the tires cannot get flat because they are made of rubber. In this case of the city mini vs city mini gt, both of these have equality.

When it comes to dissimilation between both, it falls on the features too because city GT has a bit more sprinkled on top of it than the city mini. The handlebars are ones with adjustable lengths; it has a hand brake. On the other hand, the city mini has a nonadjustable handle bard, has foot used break. 

Here, it is hard to decide which one is over the other because of their features, which are preferred by specific people only. So, I will let it be sorted out by you.

There is nothing to stop here because more is coming on its way. In the content of city mini vs city mini gt, we mentioned earlier that the city Mini GT would probably have more features than the city mini. The city mini GT comes with a more comfortable and foamier seat while it can also take more weight and a larger child.

The city mini GT also comes with a weight limit of 65pounds while the city mini comes with only 50pounds. It all falls on the weight of the product itself. If you have an active brain, it might be sorted out by you that all the features included in a stroller will probably make it more substantial.

In the case of city mini vs city mini gt, it is somewhat not different because GT is 4pounds heavier than City mini.


Are both of these strollers good for jogging?

No, both of these products are specifically not made for jogging or running, which is mentioned by the manufacturing company.

Should I use the stroller on grass?

The specs and the features allow these strollers to walk on the grass but only walk; it cannot be run on the grass.

Can infants use the strollers in the car?

Yes, both of these products come with car seat adapters.


In the end, it all falls on your choice because none of the products is better than the other. They are monsters on their terrains. But still, there are a bit more features on the GT version than the more straightforward version making it more substantial too. 

In the article of city mini vs city mini gt, it was mentioned that both have different tires, mini comes with a rubber tire that doesn’t become flat quickly, but it cannot be used on uneven surfaces. The GT has an air-filled tire that can be used on all the terrain, but it can become flat.

At the very least, it all depends on your choice and what purpose you want them for. Both are top-notch products with amazing built quality and value for money.

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