Best Stroller for Tall Parents

Having height might be a blessing, but sometimes it can cause you many problems. So, a child stroller that doesn’t go well with your height is the same scenario.

Well, don’t you worry about this case because we have just the solution to your problem? There are many strollers with a larger handle size that can fit you. In this case we compiled a list of products that will suit best with your height and then added features, pros and cons with each product.

Best Stroller for Tall Parents – Make an easy decesion

Summer Infant 3D Flip Double


summer double

In case you are larger than average people, then this right here is the perfect fit for you. It also has a mid-range weight of 24.8 while it can carry up to 50lbs of weight. That is why it is taken into the list of the best strollers for tall parents.

There are many features in this stroller, but the best one, in our opinion, is its compatibility. It can be easily folded and fitted into a smaller product to save space. Another of its popular features is that its seat can be flipped. Meaning the child can face onto the direction he or she likes. 

The duel nature of this stroller is a unique feature. Some of you might not need it now, but after some years, you will probably be looking for it because the older children need to face in the direction they genuinely like while in a stroller.

Just like the larger size of the stroller, the canopy is also made in such a way that it will cover the whole face of a child leaving a small window for the child to peek from. These types of the canopy are called as pee a boo canopy.

Coming towards the central aspect of this article, there are six height adjustment features in the stroller. These help you to adjust the stroller according to your ideal height.

The stroller might not be that much light in weight, but you can easily carry it around because of its compatibility features. Coming towards the storage of this stroller, there is a storage area that is used to store the basic stuff, but aside that there is also another storage area where you can place cuts, mobile, or belonging in the pocket.


  • Weight of the product itself is only 25lbs
  • Weight capacity is 50lbs
  • Can be folded into the smaller product to save space.
  • Peek a Boo with a small viewable window type canopy
  • Different storage areas provided
  • Flip able seat duel nature.
  • Six different adjustments.


  • Stylish looking design
  • Foldable design
  • Six different adjustments
  • Flip able seat for duel features.


  • There is no cover or lock provided.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0

bob revolution pro

It is not like the typical strollers where only one child can fit inside the seat, but it is one of those strollers which are meant for two children or even twins. The main feature of this stroller lies in its duel capabilities.

It was coming towards the central aspect. This stroller has a height which is more significant enough to be handled by the tall parents; that is why it is included in the list of the best stroller for tall parents. Not only that this product also has nine different adjustability position which is provided for you and your child. Choose the one which fits perfectly according to your height or the adjustment of a child sitting position.

Another thing to mention is that this stroller has nearly 51 inches of height, which is regarded as the most height on the stroller. You might have had strollers but never the ones with 100pounds of the weight limit, this stroller has that because of its duel child seat capabilities.

Not to worry about the compactness and storage problems, this stroller can also be folded into a smaller product that can easily fit into the car back or other places.

To handle the weight of children, there are more significant types with air-filled in them; there are also anti-shock suspensions that work like mountain bikes. Locks are provided on the wheels, which are there to ensure straight or rotatable movement.

Coming towards the canopy, there is a larger one for the giant stroller, but there are separate ones for both the child in the stroller. The canopy is of the peek a boo type through which the child can easily watch the outside from the window.

The weight and the features can make the parents tired; that is why a strap and foot-controlled braking system is provided in case you want to rest or take away your wrist from a handle.

Let us not forget about the storage capabilities of the stroller as well because, in this case, there is only a single storage space that is large enough to handle the basic stuff. Other than that, there is also a pocket for you to keep stuff in as well.


  • Weight of the product itself is only 33pounds
  • Weight capacity is 100pounds
  • It can be slightly folded to fit into spaces.
  • Peek a Boo with a small viewable window type canopy
  • Larger storage space and pocket
  • Duel child carrying capabilities
  • Nine types of different adjustments.
  • Great suspension and air-filled tires.
  • Foot provided tire locks.


  • 50 x2 weight carrying capabilities
  • Durable design
  • Nine types of height and seat adjustments
  • Good suspension and good air-filled tires.
  • Foot locks for tires and strap for security.


  • 33lbs of weight is sometimes uncontrollable

JOOVY New Groove Ultra-Light Umbrella Stroller

joovy light weight

If you know anything about the stroller stuff, then it is normal for you to know about the fact that the umbrella strollers have most features removed mostly the storage capabilities, but in the case of JOOVY New Groove Ultra-Light Umbrella Stroller, it has all the storage capabilities, has a lightweight body and still comes with an umbrella on top.

Talking about the stroller, you might be hasty to know about the unique feature of this product. In this stroller, the unique feature is its Larger lengthy structure, which can be perfect to handle for the tall parent while still being comfortable to the child.

For a newborn baby, this stroller has a flatter seat, which makes it the most convenient for small babies.

The lightweight body and durable design are the perfect combinations in this case. You don’t have to worry about handling this stroller because it has only 15pounds of weight on it, not only that it can easily be folded into a more compact and smaller product that can easily be fitted into airplanes, back of cars, etc.

To unfold the stroller, there are only two clips that you need to unclick, and then the stroller is ready to be used. This makes it the best stroller for tall parents making is easy and comfortable.

Coming towards the main point of this design which is its umbrella. This stroller has an adjustable umbrella on top to save the child from rain and sun rays, but wait; there is more to it; the umbrella doesn’t take away the space for storage.

There is more storage on the stroller; there is more massive storage for the basic stuff, and then for the important stuff, there is a zipper provided too; you can put your valuables like cards, keys, mobile, etc. There are also cup holders provided on a trey.


  • Weight of the product itself is only 15pounds
  • Weight capacity is 55lbs
  • Umbrella type canopy
  • More storage area and also a zipper aside cup holders
  • Larger tires with suspensions
  • Can be folded to fit into smaller spaces


  • Larger handles making it the best stroller for tall parents
  • Lightweight.
  • Effortless unfolding with two clips
  • Lengthy seat for child comfort.
  • Umbrella canopy with zipper type storage


  • The tires and suspensions are not good enough.


Chicco Liteway Stroller

chicco lightweight stroller

If you are low on budget and want something that can fulfill all the requirements for your tall height and cute child, then this is probably the best option. That is why we included this stroller in the list of best stroller for tall parents. But there is much more to this stroller.

The great thing about this stroller is that it can be easily handled with a single hand. You can move it around with only your wrist. The fabric of this stroller is reasonably easy to clean.

Coming towards the comfort of the ride-on stroller, this one has a good suspension and front wheels swivel that makes it reasonably easy to move around and can also be used on uneven or rough surfaces. Another thing which is included in this stroller is that it can be wheel locked using toes; these features are not even provided in the top end strollers.

On the central aspect of this article, this stroller matches with the height of other strollers in the list of the best stroller for tall parents that is why you can probably use it comfortably with having to bend.

Storage functionality is there, which can allow you to store the basic stuff of the child, and apart from this, you can even use the cup holder to store the cup, or aside from that, you can use the storage area to store your belongings.

On the hood or canopy side, there is a peek a boo type canopy to save the child from sun rays and rain. But the most fantastic thing is that it can be entirely removed from the stroller.


  • Weight of the product itself is only 19 pounds
  • Weight capacity is up to 40lbs
  • Peek a boo type canopy
  • More storage area with cup holders
  • Suspensions with footlockers.
  • Can be folded to fit into smaller spaces


  • Best Value for Money
  • Lightweight and single-handed use.
  • Larger handles with a more significant length for tall parents.


  • The quality of the fabric is not good.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35

baby trend EZ

Well, in case you are always traveling around the globe or even you want something that is compact and has duel capabilities of both a stroller and carrying bag, then this is absolutely what you want. The reason we included this product in the best stroller for tall parents is because of its larger handle size and traveling trolley conversion system.

The weight limit of this product is only 50 pounds, but smaller toddlers can also use this product because of its productivity. The great thing about handle is that it can be rotated about 42 inches making it very convenient and easy to handle around.

There is a handle button that can be used to fold the stroller easily without any problem, and there are also extra storage spaces in the stroller which you can use to put your cups and keys or phone.

All in one, this stroller is just like other canopy strollers, but the main difference here is that this unique stroller has a duel use, you can simply push the button, and the seat can be divided.

Then you can use the seat to handle the baby, in which the wheel part goes into a compact product that can be placed anywhere without worrying about space.


  • Weight of the product itself is only 32 pounds
  • Weight capacity is up to 50lbs
  • Simple canopy
  • More storage area with cup holders
  • Push-button folding.
  • It can be divided into two parts.


  • Best Value for Money
  • Single-handed use.
  • Large handle size with rotation.
  • Push-button folding.
  • Best for traveling.


  • There is a synthetic material used in the stroller.


Chicco Bravo Trio Papyrus Stroller


Here is another of those traveling strollers, but what is its fantastic feature that will lure you into buying or even looking at this product? Well, the most fantastic thing about this stroller is its premium quality, its productivity, and then its price range.

Unlike the others in the list of the best stroller for tall parents, this stroller comes with a more reasonable price range. There is its productivity, which is unlike another in its price range, you can simply unclip the stroller and turn it into smaller pieces without any fuss, then you can fit it into any space you want to. 

There is its more massive canopy, which can be closed to provide more security to the smaller one inside. It is a peek a boo type canopy. The larger storage area is also provided under the stroller, which is what attracts the travelers who want to carry their children with them.

Not to worry about the height, this product is specially made for more significant parents because of its adjustable handle. That is why we mentioned this product in the best stroller for tall parents.

All in one, if you are on a tight budget and want something awesome. This is the best product you can look at the list.


  • The weight of the product itself is only 17 pounds.
  • Weight capacity is up to 30lbs.
  • Peek a boo type canopy.
  • Most abundant singular storage space.
  • Larger wheels for swift movement.
  • It can be folded into smaller products for traveling.


  • Best Value for Money
  • Lightweight and premium quality made stroller
  • Adjustable handle with a swift movement.


  • Not made for rough use.


Buying Guide:

After passing through the list of the best stroller for tall parents, you might be thinking about how you can find the perfect on that fits according to your needs. In this case, you don’t have to worry about anything because we got your back. Here is a buying guide through which you can select the best one that fits your needs perfectly.


At the top, you need to consider about the handlebars when purchasing a stroller for your tall height. This is because the handles are the only grip options in a stroller when they are larger than 40 inches, they would be easy for tall parents to handle. But basically, choose a stroller that comes with an adjustable size that would be best for more extensive and shorter parents.

Weight of Stroller:

The second thing to consider while purchasing a stroller is that they should be less in weight, having heavy or bulky weight can cause you to discomfort in moving around freely. So, choose a stroller than have balanced weight or lightweight for your comfort in movement.

Folding capabilities and storage:

It is also essential to get a stroller that has much more folding capabilities, but still, if the stroller has the least folding capabilities, it is better than the one that has none of them. So, choose the one that has these capabilities.

Storage is also necessary while getting a stroller because you have to put important stuff inside the stroller when traveling or going for jogging. If that stroller has zipper storage too, then get that one. Cut holders are typically included in the ones which are more massive enough.

Canopy type:

It is also essential to know about what kind of canopy is required in your area because there is a typically smaller canopy, more massive canopy, and even umbrella type canopy. To choose, you should know about the environment you live in.

An umbrella-type canopy is required in case of the dense raining area. In contrast, the more extensive or peek a boo type canopy is necessary in case of a warmer environment or even in the case of raining areas.